T. Bene Lookbook Summer 2016


Without any further ado, here is the new T. Bene Jewelry Lookbook for Summer 2016!! So much time and handwork went into this project, I hope you enjoy! Since the launch of T. Bene, almost a year ago, I have switched the focus of the brand from mostly made to order pieces to the production of special one of a kind jewelry. I will be making my art in small batches and updating my shop, www.tbene.co, periodically with new stuff! I will also have some classic designs available for order too, in addition to some custom work.

The women that worked with me on this shoot are all so talented and amazing! Check them out on instagram!

Photography: Hannah Koehler || @minkmade

Models: Madeleine Alexandra Browning || @madeleinealexandra
Lauren Garcia || @Whatlolalikes​

Hair: Tara Hainsworth || @thetarahair

Makeup: Stephanie Neiheisel || @snmakeupartist

Location: The Saguaro Scottsdale​ || @thesaguaroaz

Music:  Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys

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T. Bene Jewelry Feature: OOAK Pearl Ring


I’m inspired by so many things around me, everything in fact.  There’s no telling when I’ll see something in nature or something man made that will give me an urge to design.  This one of a kind ring started with a sketch of a seed pod.  Seed pods always make me curious and freak me out a little, at the same time.  But anyway, I sketched out a template, which I then hand pierced from sterling silver sheet.


And then the piece of metal just sat there, for… I don’t know two months.  But not before I shaped into a bowl.  I knew I wanted to set a large baroque pearl inside, I knew I wanted it to be very natural and organic, and I knew I wanted the ring shank and settings to be a contrasting yellow gold.  So I did all of those things.  Usually, I have a little bit more of a direct plan when making jewelry, but pieces like this are so fun because I get to improvise.  As you’ll see in the photos below, I decided to set a tiny pink tourmaline stone on the underside as well, which is really exciting to me.  I really love the way it turned out. Very Art Nouveau, very Hector Guimard.  Ok, I guess that’s enough chit chat! I hope you enjoy the photos!



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Skull Kimono: Collaboration with Camden & Kate

ih2I was sent this awesome skull kimono from Chanel at Camden & Kate.  She makes beautiful kimonos for adults and babies.  While I was on vacation in New Jersey, I had my brother take some photos in Island Heights.  It’s a gorgeous little town on the Toms River, and also happens to be where my husband proposed.  I like to go back when I can, and this little photo session was the perfect opportunity.

ih5ih3ih9ih10ih13ih8ih11This kimono is easy and breezy, and looks so good with my skull jewelry pieces.  I know this design is limited, so if you want one, head over to www.camdenandkate.com and pick one up!  If I were you, I’d take the time to look through the rest of her designs too!  And you can head to my shop to pick up the jewelry featured!

Photo Credit:  Nicholas Tornabene, check out his instagram @in_somniac_livin

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T. Bene Lookbook 2015



Photography by Luela Kaba, @luelakabaphotos

For more info on the collection, and Phoenix trunk show details click, here.

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T. Bene Jewelry Launch and Trunk Show Details


Hey everyone!

So much has happened in the past year. I graduated from ASU, and I’m now on the brink of finally launching my jewelry business! Naturally, this is all very exciting for me and it’s why I’ve been so busy and away from the blog.

Just to give a little bit of background… after taking a metalsmith class at ASU 2.5 years ago I fell in love with the craft. Soon after I created a studio space at my house to experiment and make what I wanted to make. It was a sad little space, but it served it’s purpose to enhance my skill set through practice/trial and error.

At the beginning of this year, after a lot of thought and conversation, my husband and I gave my studio a glorious makeover into a space that would be conducive to starting my own business. Having my own business is something I’ve always wanted since I was a little one. And now that I have it, I’m more happy and scared than I ever thought I could be. So many people have been encouraging and supportive, and some, well, haven’t. But I’ve learned to take something from both. I’m finally at the point where I feel confident enough to share my work, my art, my passion without caring what anyone thinks. So much hard work, planning, money, and meltdowns have gone into this process… so here we go!  Thank you to those that have shown me love and support, it’s really meant everything!

Here’s a look at some of the merchandise:


About the Goods

Brand Name:  T. Bene (I thought it would be a concise/easy way to use my last name, Tornabene which about two people have ever been able to pronounce correctly.  Ehh maybe not so easy to explain, but it’s short and sweet and looks good on packaging.)

Logo:  It involves a skull.  This is because the skull was one of the first pieces I designed and made, and it was around Halloween.  I love my little skulls and it makes me seem so edgy, right?!

Location:  Production is Phoenix, AZ.  Will be exclusively sold on my online shop:  tbene.co.  Announcements will be made if merchandise becomes available elsewhere.

Materials:  I learned on copper and brass, but I exclusively work in sterling and fine silvers, and 14k gold and above.  I don’t use anything plated or gold-filled.  I am also working on incorporating all natural semi precious stones in the future.

Process:  I design all my pieces, and fabricate from metal in the form of sheet and wire.  I don’t do any casting(because I don’t know how) or use any pre-made charms or pendants.  My limitations actually dictate my unique style.  Any chain or clasps I make myself will be labeled as such.  The fabrication method I use allows for each piece to be slightly different and special.

Turn Around Time:  Due to the fact that my business is small (just me!) and the materials I use are on the more expensive side, most of the orders I take will be made to order.  To be on the safe side, I am currently quoting an approximate 2-4 week turn around time to receive an order.  This is contingent on the size of the order.  However, the turn around will likely be shorter.

Purpose:  I wanted to create a brand that is synonymous with quality.  I only make things that I would want to wear myself.  This includes the really simple pieces with clean lines, the dainty, the strange, the bold, and the one of a kind.  I draw inspiration from anything and everything.  My husband always says I look like I’m deep in thought, that’s because I’m usually trying to figure out how I would logistically create a particular piece.  I love jewelry and using it to express one’s self.

Price Range:  My prices range from under $100 to upwards of $1,000.  I always try to price fairly and competitively.  Price is always reflected by the cost of materials, time, skill, and number of steps.  In the end, fine jewelry is a necessity luxury 🙂  

Launch:  Saturday, July 25, 2015 my online shop will go live.  tbene.co

Trunk Show Details

I will be displaying my full current collection and will be taking orders at a special discount!  I will also have some merchandise available to purchase, but quantities will be limited.  The inventory I do have available will also be sold at a discount.  I wanted to share this special event with my local Phoenix community.  You guys will have access to my stuff before anyone else!

Date:  Friday, July 24, 2015

Time:  5:00pm to 9:00pm

Place:  DeSoto Central Market, 915 N Central Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85004 ; Second Level.

There will also be a pop-up market on the lower level.  So you can make a night of it by grabbing dinner and drinks downstairs, and perusing my collection and the downstairs market!

GIVEAWAY:  I will also be doing a GIVEAWAY!!  Since I plan on using Instagram as my main source of promotion, I will use it for the giveaway.

For all of those in attendance, follow these steps to be eligible for free fine jewelry:

1.  Attend the trunk show

2.  Take a photo of your favorite piece in my collection.

3.  Post the photo on Instagram

4.  Tag me in the photo, @tbenejewelry

5.  Hashtag the photo #tbenetrunkshow2015

6.  Follow me on Instagram, @tbenejewelry

On Sunday, July 26 I will select three winners and announce on Insta.  Yes THREE!  All other details of the giveaway will be posted on Instagram leading up to the event.

I’m so excited for the launch and my trunk show! I hope to see you all there!!

Click here, to view my 2015 Lookbook.

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